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How to build an athletic field – the Latona Way! - This year you may have heard from your campers, from your school or from us here at camp that we have been building an athletic field at Latona. For the past few years an accessible, open space large group activities has been a dream here at camp. Many years ago some of you Alumni will remember a grassy area for […]
What’s in a Tibi? - TIBI Tibi, Tibi, Tibi a Latona! For the past 55 years, on the shores of Latona Beach, voices have been heard speaking a special language. A language of Hawkeyes, Fiddle-heads and Black-tails. A Language of Tibi’s! Summertime in the rain forest has earned a special reputation for the establishment of a positive, loving and welcoming community. One part of this […]
Camp Latona and the Vancouver Aquarium present Marine Explorers - Tibi a Latona Family! Read all about it! We are delighted to announce that Camp Latona and the Vancouver Aquarium have come together to offer the ultimate camping experience! Campers will have the opportunity to spend time learning about marine bio-diversity, life-cycles and ecosystems in the natural salt and freshwater environments of the great outdoors. Marine Explorer Campers will navigate […]